A Calamity of the Night (夜の禍 Yoru no Wazawai), otherwise known as a Yaka (夜禍 Yaka), is a supernatural being in the Sola universe.


Yaka have many supernatural powers, such as: strong physical ability, fast regeneration, and a never aging body, among other powers. A Yaka is hurt by direct exposure to sunlight, but the wound can be healed in time if the exposure is not excessive; a Yaka is immortal unless exposed to too much sunlight or has received fatal wounds. A yaka is the embodiment of human agony and pain and that such creatures are meant to always be alone.
It is possible to turn a Yaka back into a human, if one Yaka sacrifices their life for another by putting their life on the sword each of them carries around, by stabbing themselves. The Yaka who is supposed to be turned back into a human must be wounded/killed by this sword and they will return to their human form.

List of YakasEdit

  • Mayuko Kamikawa - Mayuko became a Yaka many years before the story began, when she was killed during a house robbery. Though not named, it is mentioned that a Yaka came and turned her into one as well. Devastated about the fact that she had died, had been revived, but could not go out in the sunlight anymore, she attempted to burn herself to death in the sun, stating that she does not consider such a life worth living. Takeshi Tsujidou, a childhood friend of hers, stopped her from doing so, telling her he would do whatever it takes to turn her back into a human. He has been her support and companion since then.[1]

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