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Illusions... are just like dreams. They definitely existed, and yet... Once you wake from your dream, they eventually fade from your memory

Matsuri Shihou
Kanji 四方 茉莉
Rōmaji Shihō Matsuri
Gender Female
Species Calamity of the Night / Yaka
Status Deceased (Human)
Deceased (Yaka)
Voice Actors
Japanese Mamiko Noto
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 01
Anime 01: The Sky-Colored Umbrella

Matsuri Shihou (四方茉莉 Shihō Matsuri) is the female main protagonist of the Sola series.


Matsuri is a young looking girl with long purple hair and purple eyes.


Matsuri is a strange girl Yorito meets early on in the story. She is a "Calamity of the Night", otherwise known as a Yaka, and has lived for hundreds of years. She cannot come in contact with direct sunlight as it harms her. She has never seen a blue sky, only a deeply cloudy daytime sky or the nighttime sky. She has a particular fixed memory of seeing a moonlit sky from some sort of well or hole in the ground. Her ability is the power to make an object rapidly decay and transform those who have died into Yaka.
Matsuri is fascinated by Yorito's photographs. Over the course of the story, she falls in love with Yorito. Matsuri does not have much common sense and will often break machines in Yorito's house after kicking them too hard; she believes that any device can be fixed by kicking it. She has extreme fondness for tomato juice.
Matsuri dies after stabbing herself with her sword, happy to finally see the beautiful azure sky she had always wanted to.



  • "Don't you worry about me. We'll meet again. I'm sure of it." - Source Unknown
  • "You can kiss. You can hold my hand. You're definitely here. Though influenced by Yorito's memories, you thought for yourself, and decided what to do. That's the you that I love." - Source Unknown
  • "It's just that I've gotten used to this kind of lifestyle through the years. Because if I didn't, it'd be too hard on me." - Source Unknown

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