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Matsuri tries to forcefully stab Aono with her sword, but Aono moves out of the way in time; she still manages to get a wound on her shoulder. While Aono runs away, Yorito is left with an arm missing and he slowly becomes weaker since Aono is losing her Yaka powers. Matsuri tells Yorito to not intervene and goes after Aono. During the fight, Matsuri loses her sword, and Aono takes it up to shove it into Matsuri, but Yorito, not listening to Matsuri's heeding words, intervenes and he is impaled on the sword. Yorito then disappears in a flurry of paper followed by Aono's shrill cries. Matsuri does not hesitate this time to stab Aono...
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Featured Character
Matsuri Shihou is a strange girl Yorito meets early on in the story. She is a "Calamity of the Night", otherwise known as a Yaka, and has lived for hundreds of years. She cannot come in contact with direct sunlight as it harms her. Matsuri is fascinated by Yorito's photographs. Over the course of the story, she falls in love with Yorito. She has never seen a blue sky, only a deeply cloudy daytime sky or the nighttime sky. She has a particular fixed memory of seeing a moonlit sky from some sort of well or hole in the ground. Matsuri does not have much common sense and will often break machines in Yorito's house after kicking them too hard; she believes that any device can be fixed by kicking it. She has extreme fondness for tomato juice. Her ability is the power to make an object rapidly decay and transform those who have died into Yaka. Matsuri dies after stabbing herself with her sword, happy to finally see the beautiful azure sky she had always wanted to.
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